Besides all the banging entertainment, one of the best things about our pub is the booths.

Whether you’re heading to one of our live shows or club nights we’ve got loads of them, suitable for parties of all different sizes.

Booking in advance will mean you can secure a table and seats for the night (highly recommended for some of our more popular nights).

You’ll also get free cloakroom and top treatment, so if you know you’re coming let us know by using the form below or, if you prefer, email

The Royal Box 

royal box

The ‘Not Quite’ Royal Box

not quite royal box

The ‘Gangsta’ Booth

gangster booth

‘Mini Gangsta’ Booths 

mini gangster booths

Dance Floor Booths

dancefloor booths

Back Booths

back booths



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Now you’ve booked let us tell you about our amazing gin goblets!

Greenalls Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, Juniper Berries, Lemon Wedges

Oh, and if you buy one you can get the 2nd for just £1! Perfect for sipping on in your booth with your mates!

gin goblets